Praneetha's Affair With Cricketer....!

6:07:00 AM
pranithaAffairs and linkups between heroines and cricketers has been a normal feature but most of the times such issues are downplayed as rumors. And then there are times when some gossips become very true. The talk now is about Praneetha and her 'friendship' with cricketer Virat Kohli.

Speaking about it, Praneetha reportedly quashed this as baseless rumor and reiterated that she never met Virat. However, she maintained that she is a big fan of Virat and follows all his matches. Apparently, this lusty eyed beauty finds Virat's straight drive and cover drive very attractive.

On the other hand, Pranitha reportedly added that she has never been away from Tollywood as she did the film 'Bava' with Siddarth and her Tamil film with Karthi got dubbed into Telugu. But now Pranitha is making a big bang as she is pairing up with Pawan Kalyan and arriving soon. Hope this affair of hers becomes successful.
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