Photo Story: Bunny Heroine caught smoking

5:55:00 AM
Photo-Story--Bunny-Heroine-caught-smoking-195Can you remember the name Bhanu Sri Mehra? Yes, she is the one who played the bride in Allu Arjun-Gunasekhar's super flop film 'Varudu'. The result of the flick not only earned a bad name to the entire team, but also ended up ruining the career of this budding actress.

Have a look at the latest portfolio picture of this unsuccessful hottie! She was seen puffing a cigar while starring at something. It needs no brilliance to guess that Bhanu is in desperate need of attention and these photo shoots will earn her some identity. All she needs now is one good project to prove her mettle and bounce back to shut the mouths of the critics who had written her off. Hopefully she makes her dream come true!
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