Allu Shirish Booked for Eve Teasing...!

5:01:00 AM
allu shirish

Allu Sirish, son of popular producer Allu Aravind and nephew of Union Minister Chiranjeevi found himself in trouble after Jubilee Hills police registered a case against him for teasing a girl.

According to the complaint, a girl who is a Disco Jockeyworking in Mumbai lodged complaint against Allu Sirish and his three friends for troubling and teasing her.

According to sources Allu Sirish entered the bar along with three youngsters and got fully drunk. Later in drunken state they troubled her. The incident happened at Saturday midnight.

Already influential media houses and political persons entered the scene to bring Allu Sirish out with reputation intact. Talks are on to pacity and cool the Delhi girl. Allu Sirish, brother of Stylish Star Allu Arjun made his debut with Gauravam and is now starring in Kotta Janta.
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