Rajamouli career advice to Flop Hero

4:08:00 AM

Hero Sushanth isn't having a release since the past four years and during this period he has been patiently answering the queries like 'if he had completely quit acting?'. Finally, the script of 'Adda' excited him to face the camera again and he is happy with the final outcome.

Although a lot of people has advised him to do three to four films a year so that at least one among them may be successful, Sushanth is very particular that he wants to do meaningful cinema and the one's which were close to his heart.

On the other hand, the actor claims to have taken the advice of Rajamoui too seriously. "Don't attempt the projects which were rejected by other heroes, as the scripts written by keeping someone in mind willn't suit you" - Rajamouli.

Sushanth is hopeful of achieving success with 'Adda' which he accepted immediately after hearing the narration. He wishes to be an all-rounder just like his uncle Nagarjuna. Big Dreams of Flop Hero are really surprising!
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